Special Offer!

Introductory Offer

Call today for a special introductory offer that includes:

  • 1 LCD Projector (includes: screen, cart and power cords)
  • 2 Wireless Microphones (handheld or lavalier)
  • 14 Channel Mixer
  • 1 Wireless Mouse
  • An Entertainment Facilitator, to provide technical assistance, as well as unique entertainment for your audience.

ALL FOR $750.00 !!!

*1st time clients only, ++ plus patch fee, plus tax

Who is Mike Magdaleno?

Mike MagdalenoMike MagdalenoMike was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley (California). Growing up, Mike had friends in gangs and he’s even been shot at in “drive-by” shootings--fortunate enough to have never been hit, but unfortunate enough to be in that situation. He knew that a life in San Fernando would lead to trouble, and he knew he needed to get out.

Two days after his 18th birthday, Mike moved to Colorado to go to a community college. While attending college, Mike got a job at an audio production company, but because of the economy he was laid-off after working there two years.

Mike then moved back to California to start a modeling/acting career. Although he can be seen as a glimpse in various shows and advertisements, he never made it to the “big time” (AAHHHH).

After hearing that he was going to have a daughter in Colorado, he decided to move back to Colorado where he landed a job as a project manager for a worldwide web-casting company. There, he learned all aspects of audio and video production. He traveled around the U.S. learning from different departments and from various companies. Unfortunately tragedy struck again, when the company decided to move the department to Canada, and laid-off the whole team.

Mike decided to go back to school for a criminal justice degree with a minor in behavioral science. While in school Mike worked for the Colorado Department of Correction, and still not quite letting go of entertainment, he became a SUPER HERO; He was “Robin” in the “Batman and Robin Stunt Show” at Six Flags Elitch Gardens. 

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